Physics learning module integrated islamic values to support character education in school

  • D J Putra Mahasiswa Progrom Studi Magister Pengajaran Fisika, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Institut Teknologi Bandung


The main objective of the Indonesian National Education is the development of the culture and the positive character of the nation's generation. Because character education is part of the development of the soul to create a generation of noble character. While character education as mandated by the low of Indonesian National Education System is based on religion and culture. However, the main obstacle to the implementation of character education is the limited teaching materials. As an effort to solve the problem, we developed the learning instrument in the form of learning module of Physics subjects based on Islamic values on fluid concept for 11th grade of natural science Senior High School students to support character education in schools. Development of learning instrument using 4-D development model consist of four phases: define, design, development and disseminate. The data analysis uses Likert sects to test the validity, validity and effectiveness of teaching materials. From these three experiments, the result of the integrated physics module of Islamic Values on fluid concept is very valid, very practical and very effective so it is suitable to be used in Physics education process based on character education.


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